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About Us

The VMS family is one thing you would not expect. Our family is originally from New York.  We moved down to Georgia a little over 8 years ago. Even though we are from up North there is nothing city like about us. We grew up riding Four Wheelers, Dirt Bike, Go-Karts and many other things. Some of us even grew up working on a Dairy Farm. I know most people wouldn't belive that there is a side of New York that would have a Dairy Farm. No matter what all of us started out riding when we weren't even big enough to drive what we were riding. We all enjoyed it so much when we were younger that anytime anyone would start anything all the kids would come running out to go riding. After all the riding was said and done then came repairs. Our Father/ Grandfather would take all of us into the shop to start the repairs on what be broke. The repairs later turned in to a hobby. This hobby lead to us building pulling tractors for fun. Which later lead to a sequence of events. The hobby sequence was Hobby- Habit - Business - Passion. Passion is what makes us want to help anyone we can. We are not only here to help Friends and Family, but also the community around us.

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