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Diagnostic Test


This is where the mechanic looks at the equipment to diagnose what the problem is. This is a service that comes before the equipment is repaired. It give you a rough estimate of what the cost of the repair would be, how long it will take to fix and what parts will be needed. The mechanic looks at:- Spark Plugs- Batteries - Compression - Fluid Leaks- Belts- Etc. * This is to Diagnose not to fix* 

Small/Large Equipment Repairs


Small Equipment Repairs include, but are not limited to: - Weed Eater- Blowers- Chainsaws - Pressure Washer 

Large Equipment Repairs include, but are not limited to: - Four Wheelers- Motorcycles- Dirt Bikes- Lawn Mowers- Generators 

Custom Work and Fabrication 

From $100/Hr and Up

This includes, but are not limited to:- Welding- Retro-fitting - Stock Part Rebuilds- Custom Plastic - Custom Paints- Etc. 

Services: Services
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